1. The Robert Machemer Foundation policy regarding scholarship funding is that funds will be directed to a 501(c)(3) institution within the United States to support training in scientific/medical research to improve knowledge of the causes and treatment of vitreoretinal diseases.

2. A Machemer Scholarship will provide one year of support for research training at that institution. With Foundation approval of a letter requesting extension, the project may extend into a second year, however additional funds would not be provided.

3. The trainee will be working in research for a minimum of 15% time.

4. The 501(c)(3) Institutions who fail to comply with the conditions of the scholarship may be ineligible for future funding.

5. Only one scholarship of up to $20,000 will be granted to an institution each year.


The following conditions apply to the 501(c)(3) recipient of a Robert Machemer Foundation Scholarship:

A.  All funds shall be used solely and exclusively for the purpose of the training and research proposed in the successful application and within the terms of the scholarship.

B.  Expenditure of funds for any other purpose requires specific prior written permission from The Robert Machemer Foundation.

C.  The award of a Machemer Scholarship is subject to agreement that no part of funds granted by The Robert Machemer Foundation as a charitable entity shall be applied to infrastructure, overhead, or levied “taxes”. 

D.  A complete account of scholarship funds expended shall be supplied to The Robert Machemer Foundation 12 months after the date of receipt of the grant.

E.  The support of The Robert Machemer Foundation must be acknowledged in all publications of work funded wholly or in part by the Foundation.

F.   Grantees shall communicate research findings in peer-reviewed literature and in national or international retinal meetings, such as, meetings of the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology, American Society of Retinal Surgeons or Vail Vitrectomy Meeting .

G.  The mentor is responsible for submission of a one-half page summary of research and educational accomplishments in non-technical terms, which can be published by The Robert Machemer Foundation. The report is due at the time of the 12-month report.

H.  Machemer Scholarships are subject to objective evaluation and are awarded to a limited number of applicants. This funding is being provided solely for educational purposes. At the close of the academic year, the institution must reconcile Machemer Scholarship funds. Any unused funds must be returned to The Robert Machemer Foundation unless the institution has requested a one-year extension, and has received approval from the Robert Machemer Foundation for this.

I.    The Robert Machemer Foundation requires grantee institutions to comply with the ethical research standards of their institution and all pertinent federal, state and local regulations.

J.    With respect to intellectual property rights: intellectual property produced by researchers at the 501(c)(3) institution in the course of training or research supported by The Robert Machemer Foundation remains the property of the researcher or institution following published policies of the institution.

K.  Should the institution anticipate changes in the scholarship circumstances or situation for reasons including, but not limited to, discontinuation of the program or the participant, The Robert Machemer Foundation must be notified promptly. If forfeiture, temporary suspension, or termination of the grant is desired or warranted by The Robert Machemer Foundation or the institution, a written agreement of the same shall be executed, terminating the agreement. Institution will promptly return any unused funds to The Robert Machemer Foundation at that time.