Submit a single pdf file of the four sections of the application materials to:

Part 1. Application cover page:

1.  Name, address and email address of 501(c)(3) Institution

2.  Name, address and email address of proposed Robert Machemer Research Scholar

3.  Name, address and email address of proposed mentor for research training

4.  Title of Research Training and a Lay description (200 words max)

5.  Funding Requested: up to $20,000.00 [with brief budget description; amount requested will not impact grant review]


Part 2. Application letter of agreement from the 501(c)(3) organization:

1.   Report that the institution is a qualified 501(c)(3) Institiution.

2.   Verify that indirect charges and taxes will not be applied to grant or scholarship funds.

3.   Verify the institution’s goal that the awardee will spend >15% of working time in mentored research.


Part 3. Mentor:

1.  NIH-style biosketch of proposed mentor (does not need to be in "new" format

2.  Letter (no more than 2 pages) from proposed mentor who must be a faculty member of the 501(c)(3) organization, briefly describing:

(1) the expected trainee participation in the research project,

(2) statement that >15% time will be protected for research,

(3) mentoring/training plan,

(4) space and existing resources available to support the research training and

(5) types of research conducted at the institution by retina fellows and published within the past 5 years.


Part 4. Applicant Information and Research Training Proposal:

1.  Curriculum vitae of proposed Machemer Research Scholar (no more than 6 pages)

2.  Research training proposal (2 pages maximum) should address the following:

            1.  Educational goal of the scholar applicant

            2.  Research hypothesis and overview of proposed project,

            3.  Significance relative to understanding the causes and treatment of vitreoretinal diseases, and to the Scholar’s educational goals.

            4.  Bibliography (few, no more than 6, references pertinent to the project)

Please keep to 11 point or larger font.

Important Deadlines and Dates:

next applications due June 3, 2021 

A report of Machemer Scholarship research activities, expenditure of funds, publications, and a lay summary are due to the Robert Machemer Foundation by June 30 of the following year.​